About S.S. Yogi



Shri. Subramania Siva Yogi ( S.S. Yogi ) is the  son of Late Shri and  Smti. P.S. Sankara Pillai and born at Pulimoottil house in Eraviperoor village, Pathanamthitta Dist.- Kerala State, India. His father was a teacher and a scholar in Sanskrit and Malayalam, the local Language and He was an ardent devotee of Lord Siva. In the childhood of Shri. S.S. Yogi, his father used to narrate many stories from Legends and Vedas which inspired devotion in him. After the education he went to BOMBAY now MUMBAI and was employed there for ten years in a Pharmaceutical Industry as a Sales Executive. Thereafter he came back to his native place and established an Allopathic Medical outlet, which is existing for the last forty years. He used to read Hindu Religious books (Versions of Vedas, Upanishadas and Mythological stories) during this period. As a result he wished to know more about him. He met a Spiritual Guru. With his admirable advice he started worshiping LORD SHIVA. He used to be in Meditation (Dhyana) in the morning and in the evening. He chanted “OM NAMASIVAYA” Mantra uninterrupted for about 12 years while doing his Karmic duties. During this period he was leading a simple and controlled life in all his activities. As a result he was blessed by the Almighty in the form of LORD SHIVA the great SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT by His grace.

Now Shri S.S Yogi is concentrated in directing his followers to take the path of Sadhana through Japa Yoga “OM NAMAH SIVAYA” Mantra for obtaining the Spiritual Enlightenment.

His Own Words

Fifteen years ago, I understood clearly that I am not a merely worldly human being but i am a manifestation of infinite eternity. I knew that it was the awakening of KUNDALINI in me. The ANUBHUTHI or divine ecstasy which cant be explained through letters is very much guiding and leading my life journey in this material life. Then onwards I began to hear the Cosmic sound “OMKARA” and continues to hear until now.I am Permanently ILLUMINED WITH HIS DIVINE LIGHT.THE MOST SACRED SRI CHAKRA GOES FROM MY FOREHEAD OR AJNA. THIS IS REALLY THE “GOD VISION”.