MEDITATION is a constant remembrance of the object we meditate upon. It is described as like “an unbroken stream of oil poured from one vessel to another.” When we attain to this kind of remembrance in relation to the Supreme Being, all the bonds of the heart break and it becomes illuminated by the presence of the Self. In meditation Shoonayabhav-Samadhi or Super conscious stage is the real Spiritual ecstasy.
Through mediation we feel the nearness of Divinity. There is no other way to reach to God.  No external power can give us the vision of Him.Because He is the nearest of all friends, nearest of anything that we can perceive.” He is greater than the greatest smaller than the smallest, and He dwells in the core of every heart “. As long as we try to see Him outside of us, we never find Him, all our struggles are in vain. But when by experience we find it impossible to see Him outside of us, then we turn our thoughts within and become meditative.
The real Yoga practice is when we try to collect our thoughts from all sources, make them one and connect them with our Inner Self. Yoga means this union with the Supreme Self which destroys all ignorance. ” TAT TWAM ASI ”


EVOLUTION THEORY Evolution is generally defined as “a series of changes over a period of time, resulting in something new arising”. In the matter of the projection of Akasha or Ether and Prana or the Life force into the manifested form and the return to fine state, there is a good deal of similarity between

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SELF REALIZATION The REALIZATION is the watchword of Vedantic beliefs. The path toward God or realization starts with a question who am i ? Why i die ? Who are my real father and mother? What is this world ? Why the changes always occurring before me. I take birth as a child my body

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BAKTHI YOGA OR DEVOTIONAL SERVICE Bhakthi-yoga, pure devotional service  to the Lord is the highest and most expedient means for attaining pure love for the God, which is the highest end of spiritual existence. Those who follows this supreme path develop divine qualities. ” sarva-dharman parityajya –  mam ekam saranam vraja – aham tvam sarva-

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Japa Sadhana or Mantra Chanting is  important to the Sadhaks because to make what is explained in texts has to be realized with your physical body ( Sthula Sharira) itself.  The energetic link between the lower and higher bodies is the breath or Prana and the path to transcendence lies in its neutralization. Every technique

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” OM ” (AUM ) is the manifesting word of God. Om Aum) is such a sound, the basis of all sound. The first letter,A, is the root sound, the key, pronounced without touching any part of the tongue or palate; M represents the last sound in the series, being produced by the closed lips,

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The meaning of Yoga is union. The real practice is when we try to collect our thoughts from all sources, make them one and connect them with our Inner Self. It means this union with the Supreme Self which destroys all ignorance. Man cannot realize God by self-exertion alone. For the vision of God His grace

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The Vedanta philosophy, as it is generally called at the present day, really comprises all the various sects that now exist in India. The word Vedanta literally means the end of the Vedas – the Vedas being the scriptures of the Hindus. The Vedas are divided mainly into two portions; the Karma kanda and Jnana

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The greatness of Saffron color is very important in Hinduism. During Enlightenment a Yogi can see this color through his Ajna – chakra. The purpose of human life is for this Enlightenment. In fact everyone has to come to this stage once in his birth cycle. When the spiritual sadhana is fulfilled, the Yogi’s Kundalini

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Spirituality and Sex are not two different subjects, but one in philosophical point of view. Actually the nature itself is a combination of  male and female energy and in Hindu legends it is known as Siva and Sakthi. The power of the nature is one which is classified as two with its manifestation process. The

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