Evolution is generally defined as “a series of changes over a period of time, resulting in something new arising”. In the matter of the projection of Akasha or Ether and Prana or the Life force into the manifested form and the return to fine state, there is a good deal of similarity between Indian thought and modern science. The moderns have their evolution, and so have the Yogis. But I think that the Yogis’ explanation of evolution is the better one. ‘ The change of one species into another is attained by the  infilling of nature.’ The basic idea is that we are  changing from one species to another, and that man is the highest species. Our education and progression simply mean taking away the obstacles, and by its own nature the divinity will manifest itself. This does away with all the struggle for existence. The miserable experiences of the life are simply in the way, and can be eliminated entirely. They are not necessary for evolution. Even if they did not exist, we should progress. It is in the very nature of things to manifest themselves. The momentum is not from outside, but comes from inside. Each soul is the sum total of the universal experiences already coiled up there; and of all these experiences, only those will come out which find suitable circumstances.
The theory of biological evolution is the best known evolutionary idea in modern science, however evolutionary concepts are common in all sciences not just biology. All Religions of the world say that the man is created out of intelligence. The DESA AVATARA (Ten Forms) Hindu theory is not to be construed as one supporting the Darwin’s theory of evolution. All these are divine manifestations of the same Supreme God.  It means, God is perceived in all living things.
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