I was born in a ordinary and well cultured Hindu family of Kerala. My Father was a a scholar in Sanskrit language and he was an ardent devotee of LORD SHIVA. I got my initial lessons of Spirituality from my Father.  Later, I have found a Guru (Spiritual teacher ) who gave me certain lesions of Spirituality including Vedanta Philosophy. He was a Hatha Yogi also and He taught me few Hatha Yoga lesions including various Yoga Asana posses. Later with His instruction I chanted the scared ” OHM NAMASIVAYA ” Mantra for about twelve years with Bhakti ( Devotion ). During this Sadhana period, I was leading a controlled life in all my activities although I was engaged in my Karmic duties. I was doing Pranayama, Mantra Japa and Meditation  in the early morning and evening.

Ssadhana period:  I could see some development in my Sadhana and found certain Supernatural powers coming in to my visions and I do not wish to reveal all theses things due to the ethical point of view  of this Sadhana as advised my GURU. Whatever experience is possible to reveal, I shall reveal it.  After twelve years, while meditating, I could see transcendentally violet color on the top of my head and  as per Yoga Sashra this portion is known as Sahasrara ( Crown chakra ). One day night during my sleep  I saw a great energy coming towards me  and stood aside of my bed and the color of  which was silver. During this period I had many uncommon experiences which I cannot elaborate. I used to see flashing light and fire flies floating before my eyes. I heard Anahaata sound,  the great sound OHM, of which the innumerable sounds of the Universe are only so many echoes. Then I could realize some thing inhuman is happening in me. But he most remarkable experience during this period was the awakening of Kundalini Shakti, ” the Serpent Power” I started seeing this power coming upward from the spinal column , then waking up and ascending along the mystic , Sushumna canal and through the six centers  or lotuses, to the Sahasrara, thousand petaled lotus at the top of the head. I further saw that as the Kundalini went upward the different lotuses bloomed and these phenomenon was accompanied by visions and trances. The awakening of Kundalini is the beginning of spiritual consciousness , and its union with Shiva in the Sahsrara, ending in Samadhi. My final vision was a most beautiful woman, in well dressed Sari  entering through the closed window and passing through my bed  while I am  asleep during night. In the morning I came to realize with my intuition  that  the exquisite beauty was the Universal Mother, Sri.Parvathy, another form of Lord Shiva. My all visions and trances ended after this great and unforgettable vision.

All the above phenomenon took totally about six months to   complete. During this period I had always an inclination for meditation. Finally I clearly understood I am not a merely worldly human being, but I am a manifestation of infinite eternity. I knew it was the awakening of “KUNDALINI”( Spiritual Power ) in me. The “ANUBHOOTHI” or divine ecstasy which cannot be explained through words or letters is very much guiding and leading my life journey in this material life experience. Then on wards, I began to hear the Cosmic sound  “OHM” or “OMKARA” and continue to hear until now. Thus I am permanently ILLUMINED WITH HIS DIVINE LIGHT. THE MOST SACRED SRI. CHAKRA GOES FROM MY FOREHEAD OR “AJNA”. THIS IS REALLY THE EXPERIENCE OF ” GOD VISION ” AS PER “YOGA PHILOSOPHY’.

The Health Issue: The first results of Yoga as per Upanishads is lightness, healthiness, steadiness, a good complexion, an easy pronunciation, a sweet odor and slight excretions. Actually I got the Enlightenment or Illumination at the age of Sixty four and now I am Seventy nine by age having good health as I was in sixty four. In fact, I could say,  I am still better than that period and one thing I would like to highlight is I am free from all diseases at the moment. This is actually an incarnation in the living time. In fact every of us should get this Spiritual enlightenment, as otherwise as per Vedanta philosophy, birth cycle may continue  with no change in the Soul. The Soul has to be purified and then only Enlightenment is attainable. “Do this either by work or worship or psychic control or philosophy- by one or more, or all of these – and be free” as said by “Swami Vivekananda”. ” Three Things are rare and only obtainable through the grace of the Supreme Being; human life, an earnest desire for liberation, and he helpful association of the Holy” So it i s said by the great Illumined Sage Sri. Sankara. ” ” When the great Sri. Buddha was asked what you gained out of Meditation –  He replied calmly – Nothing – But I lost Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear of old age and death ” This is actually the result of Enlightenment.

Meditation, ecstasy and illumination are three different stages of spiritual attainment and experience. Illumination has also been spoken of as Enlightenment. I think the significance of this word is that the supreme Truth  or supreme Reality exists, but because of a certain darkness in our vision- that is to say,because of ignorance- we are not able to perceive this most wonderful thing.Through regulated spiritual effort, this darkness is removed from our consciousness or perception,and as it disappears, we become aware of the supreme Reality. When darkness has been removed, when there is only one light – that is called illumination. Ecstasy is one of those  advanced spiritual state. Outwardly,his condition is marked by the stopping of the function of the senses. The person cannot speak; there seems to be a tremendous emotion surging within him which prevents him from speaking; he cannot  hear, he cannot see anything. or if he hears and sees, it is only very vaguely. Inwardly, that is to say subjectively,ecstasy is a state of great joy and also love. If a person is a follower of the path of devotion, or Bhakti yoga, then he will feel an upsurge of the love for God. If he is following some other path, say Jhana yoga, the path of reason, this love may not surge within him., but he will feel a tremendous joy, a joy  that sometimes becomes so intense that it is for the body to contain it. If a person enters into that state in our presence  , we cannot but be oppressed by the wonderfulness of it. The person seems to be  completely ; his whole body shines with an unearthly light; his face clearly indicates that there is going on within him, something not of this earth, something that every one of us would like to possess even to a slight degree. In Meditation the mos essential thing require is”:CONCENTRATION.” Concentration means bringing the whole mind to one point holding it there. The point is the object of meditation. Some people practice concentration in a mechanical sort of way; that is, they try to hold their attention on any object. If you are practicing” Raja yoga”, the “Royal yoga” that kind of practice is very good.  Of course , these practice, should be undertaken only with the guidance of an expert.Now let me talk about ordinary Meditation which is most practical for most of us. Here you will find that the object of mediation is oftentimes God Himself. There is reason for this.;the object of meditation should be something that can draw the whole of your mind. Generally speaking God is the object of meditation. God is one word, but God has many aspects. and you have to know which aspect of God you should meditate upon; it should have an affinity with your own inner being. Just as we have our likes and dislikes in spiritual things: you are drawn naturally to some aspects of God; other aspects leave your old. But the object of your meditation should not necessarily be what you like now. You know how our like change. I am like something today, but how am I to know that I shall like it twelve years from now? So I have to have something by meditating on which- even though I may not like it now – I shall find more and more of my mind becoming absorbed in it. That is why, here also, you need the help of an expert.  Further meditation removes various toxins from the body and the body may becomes pure ; and if you chant Mantras like ” Om Namasivaya” in mind during meditation your body will become a Mantra Sasira, a divya Atman, a blessed Soul.

MEDITATION: Meditation is a constant  remembrance of the object we meditate upon. It is described as like ” an unbroken stream of oil poured from one vessel to another ” When we attain to this kind of remembrance in relation to the Supreme Being, then all the bonds of the of the heart break and it becomes illumined by the presence of the Self. Through meditation we feel the nearness to Divinity.

TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION: Transcendental meditation is a simple, natural technique. This form of meditation allows your body to settle into a state of profound rest and relaxation and your mind to achieve  a state of inner peace, without needing to use concentration or effort. A special way or skill is required for this.

“As a  metal disk (mirror) tarnished by dust shines bright again after it has been cleaned, so is the one incarnate person satisfied and free from grief after he has seen the real nature o the Self.”

“And when, by means of the real nature of his Self, he sees, as by a lamp, the real nature of Brahman, then having known the Unborn, Eternal God, who is beyond all natures, he is freed from all fetters.”

” Let us know the that highest Lord of Lords, the highest Deity or deities  the Master of masters, the highest above as God, the Lord of  all World, the Adorable.” ” Svetasvatara – Upanishad.”



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