” OM ” (AUM ) is the manifesting word of God. Om Aum) is such a sound, the basis of all sound. The first letter,A, is the root sound, the key, pronounced without touching any part of the tongue or palate; M represents the last sound in the series, being produced by the closed lips, and the U rolls from the very root to the end of the sounding board of the mouth. Thus, om represents   the whole phenomena  of  sound-producing. As such, it must be the natural symbol, the matrix of all the various sounds. It denotes the whole range and possibility of all the words that can be made. Apart from these speculations, we see that around this word Om  are centered all the different religious ideas in India; all the various religious ideas of the Vedas have gathered themselves round this word Om.

The BIG BANG is a theory prevailing in the Science  world which explains the early development of the Universe. As per this theory , the Universe was once in an extremely hot and dense state which expanded rapidly. This rapid expansion caused the  Universe to cool and resulted in its present continuously expanding state. A big sound was produced due to this time which resulted the manifestation of everything  in this great Universe. This occurred 13.7 billion yrs as per modern science. In Spirituality the echo of this sound is known as OM (AUM) which is0 discussed earlier.
According to the philosophers of India, the whole Universe is composed of two materials, the one which they call Akasha. it is the omnipresent, all- penetrating  existence. It is the Akasha that becomes the air, that becomes the solids; it is the Akasha which becomes the Sun,the Earth, the Moon, the Stars, the Comets. It is the Akasha that becomes the human body, the animal body, the plants, every form that we see, everything that can be sensed, everything that exists. At the beginning of creation there was only this Akasha. At the end of the cycle the solids, the liquids, and the gases all melt into the Akasha again and the next creation similarly proceeds out of this Akasha. But, by the power of PRANA, the Life force, the Akasha manufactured all these things in this Universe. So it is the Akasha, the infinite, omnipresent  material and Prana the infinite and omnipresent manifesting power of the Universe. At the beginning and at the end of a cycle everything becomes Akasha, all the forces that are in the universe resolved back in to the Prana.
From the above theory, one can realize that there is no beginning or end to this Universe and it is a continued process.Only difference is that everything formed out of Panchabootha (Five matters ) will be resolved into this great Cosmos. ”

As per Upanishadas, the OM(AUM ) is the real Brahman in its nature, Akshara Brahma (Lipi – word) and Nada Brahma (sound) and OM itself is GOD. An Enlightened Yogi can see transcendentally Akshara Brahma and hear Nada Brahma.  They must have declared this fact from their own  experience.So any Mantra chanting start with Om really fetches good results. One can find several Bells in Temples and Churches etc. which bang occasionally.  When the Bell Bangs, directly it will produce a great sound and it will have an “Echo” which is actually symbolic to this “OM”. It is my view.

It is said in the Holy Bible, Gospel of John, 1- 1, 2 , 3, “There was word in the beginning. That was with the God. The word was God. Everything occurred through Him”. It is my view that these statements are about “OM” which is word and sound. ” OM TAT SAT ”

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  • I do OM chanting every day and agree on the bible reference you made. It is the most important chant we should do every day.

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      Thank you for your good comment on my blog ” OM
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