The greatness of Saffron color is very important in Hinduism. During Enlightenment a Yogi can see this color through his Ajna – chakra. The purpose of human life is for this Enlightenment. In fact everyone has to come to this stage once in his birth cycle. When the spiritual sadhana is fulfilled, the Yogi’s Kundalini power (Spiritual power) will be awakened and it travels through the six upward centers, then the different Lotuses of these six centers will be bloomed through Ajna chakra few times, the color of which is SAFFRON. This is a secret information known only to experienced Yogis and Saints. Actually this color is a combination of Red and Gold mainly or the combined color of the six centers , viz. Mooladhara, Swathistana, Manipoora, Anahatha, Vishuthdhi and Ajna. The color of Mooladhara is Red and the color of Manipura is yellow (Pure Gold). There after,  the above power will be assimilated in the Sahasrara(Crown Chakra), the seventh center ,ending in samadhi. The Saffron is a symbol of complete renunciation adopted by Saints and Yogis.It may be due to the above reason. This is my view.
If there is any color that can symbolize all aspects of Hinduism, it’s saffron – the color of Agni or fire, which reflects the Supreme Being. As such, the fire is regarded as a distinct symbol of ancient Vedic rites since it is the purest among the Panchboothas ( five matters ), viz, Ether, Air, Earth, Fire and Water, out of which everything in the Universe is manifested. The saffron color, also auspicious to the Sikhs, the Buddists  and the Jains, seems to have obtained religious significance much before these religious came into being. Fire worship had its origin in the Vedic age. The foremost hymn in the  Rig Veda glorifies fire: “Agnimile purohitam yagnasya devam rtvijam, hotaram ratna dhatamam.” When sages moved from one ashram to another, it was customary to carry fire along. The inconvenience to carry a burning substance over long distances may have given rise to the symbol of a  Saffron  Flag . Triangular and often forked saffron flags are seen fluttering atop most Sikh and Hindu temples. While Sikhs regard it as a militant color, Buddhist monks and Hindu saints wear robes of this color as a mark of renunciation of material  life. ” OM TAT SAT ”


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