The REALIZATION is the watchword of Vedantic beliefs. The path toward God or realization starts with a question who am i ? Why i die ? Who are my real father and mother? What is this world ? Why the changes always occurring before me. I take birth as a child my body is growing and one day i will die, why all this happen still i am being the same ? The quest for answer take us toward path of Sadhana and initiation from a Enlightened Guru.
If there is a God, we must see Him; if there is a Supreme Self, we must realize it. Otherwise these theories about the existence of God and the Soul have very little value. If we cannot put them on a practical basis and realize the truth of them, they remain for us but mere words. This realization is the only thing that can bring satisfaction to us. No amount of theory can ever satisfy our minds.
Experience is the real and only way of acquiring strength. Real strength comes through realization. When a man has seen God he can declare with conviction that there is a God.When we have seen a thing, no matter how much people may deny the existence of that thing, we can still stand up boldly and declare. ” I know it exists. ” Tat Twam asi ” ( Thou are That ) – the Lord does not exist apart from you; find Him out yourself within yourself.”  Let be  this realization is the goal of all mankind. ” THOU ARE THAT ”

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