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The main features of ” SPIRITUAL YOGA ” are under:
1. Spirituality in General
2. Few Yoga  Asanas (Poses ) and  Few Mudras.
3. Pranayama ( Breathing excises) in different methods.
4. Mantra Japa ( Japa Yoga ) as per the religious views
5. Meditation, Transcendental Meditation etc.
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SPIRITUAL YOGA ” is a Program created specially by me to help the talented and spiritual devotees who are seeking the great Spiritual Enlightenment in their lives. I therefore summarize the SADHANA.( The meaning of SADHANA means – Spiritual practice or disciplines which lead to perfection, there being contemplation, asceticism,worship of a GOD  and correct living. and the  origin of this word is from Sanskrit )  in a brief manner including the main programs such as Pranayama,(breathing exercise), Japa Sadhana  (Chanting Mantras or hymns ) and Meditation.

” Each Soul is potentially Divine. The Goal is to manifest this Divinity within, by controlling nature, external and internal.
Do this either by work, or worship or psychic control or philosophy – by one, or more or all of these – and be free.
This is the whole of religion. doctrines, or dogmas, or rituals or books, or temples, or forms. are but secondary details. ”  ” SWAMI VIVEKANANDA”

( From commentary on Yoga- Sutras. )”

The above subject “SPIRITUAL YOGA” is selected  partially from Raja Yoga and other Yoga theories of our ancient Saints. The aphorisms of Patanjali are the highest authority on Raja Yoga.  The system of Patanjali is based upon the system of the Sankhyas, the points of difference being very few. The two important  differences are, first, that Patanjali admits a Personal God  in the form of a  first Teacher ( Guru), while the only God the Sankhyas admit  is nearly perfected being, temporarily in charge of a cycle of creation. Second, the Yogis hold the mind to be equally all-pervading with the Soul,or Purusha, and the Sankhyas do not.


I introduce myself as  Subramania Siva Yogi ( S.S. Yogi ) a Siva Mantra Sadhak and Enlightened Yogi and I  here below mention my  Enlightenment details in brief.
Twenty years ago, I understood clearly that I am not a merely worldly human being but I am a manifestation of an infinite eternity. I knew that it was the awakening of KUNDALINI in me. The ANUBHUTHI or divine ecstasy which cant be explained through letters is very much guiding and leading my life journey in this material life. Then on wards I began to hear the Cosmic sound “OMKARA” and continues to hear until now.I am Permanently ILLUMINED WITH HIS DIVINE LIGHT.THE MOST SACRED SRI CHAKRA GOES FROM MY FOREHEAD OR AJNA. THIS IS REALLY THE “GOD VISION”.

I therefore feel and confident to give advice and guidance  to other interested Spiritual Practitioners and seekers in my own way and in the best of  my knowledge and capacity.

The genesis of perception as as follows:

The affections of external objects are carried by the outer instruments to their respective brain centers or organs, the organs carry the affections to the mind, the mind to the determinative faculty, from this the “SOUL” receive them, which perception results.Next he gives the order back, as it were, to the motor centers to do the needful.With the exception of the Soul all these are material, but the mind is much finer matter than the external instruments.This is the scientific view of Perception.

(Perception  in simple form and language:)

What ever you see, hear, taste, smell and touch, the effects are  carried by the ear, tongue and skin to their respective brain centers or organs, the organs carry the affections to the mind, the mind to the determinative faculty  from this the “SOUL receive them, which perception results – (Atman -SOUL) is seen through Ajna) ( Bhuru Madhya )Center of the Forehead  by way of Light in different colours.)

Before entering in to the practical method, you must know the meaning and knowledge of few subjects.


The meaning of Yoga is union. The real practice is when we try to collect our thoughts from all sources, make them one and connect them with our Inner Self. It means this union with the Supreme Self which destroys all ignorance. Man cannot realize God by self-exertion alone. For the vision of God His grace is absolutely necessary, and this grace is felt by the pure of heart. The mind is to be purified through bhakti or devotion. The pure mind then remains for ever immersed in the ecstasy of God-vision known as Illumination. It is the cultivation of divine love.
Its major branches in Hindu Philosophy include Rajayoga, Karmayoga, Jnanayoga, Bhaktiyoga and Hathayoga. Hathayoga or Hatha vidya is a system introduced by Yogi Swatmarama, a sage of 15th century India and the compiler of Hathayoga Pradipika. There are few more systems known as Kheranda  -Malsyaendra Yoga  etc. are also existing in India.  They all introduce Hathayoga as a preparatory stage of physical strength and purification that the body practices for higher Meditation. The various Asanas and Pranayama in Rajayoga are what the Hindu Yogis used to physically train their body for long periods of Meditation. Hathayoga is what most people associated with the word ‘YOGA’ and is the most commonly practiced for mental and physical health. But its real meaning  is union, the union of Inner Self and Supreme Self and thus become ONE. As per the great Sage Patanjali, “Chita Virtti Nirodha- Yoga” means “Yoga is retraining the mind-stuff (Chitta) from taking various forms(Virttis)”. Here he points out concentration and mind control. Seeing everything as one is also Yoga.
Generally when the word Yoga is heard, we may think of Hathayoga which is actually a physical exercise for mental and bodily vigor and vitality. This is being done throughout the world knowing the marvelous result of  it.


Pranayama is the perfect control of the life-currents through control of breath, and is the process by which we understand the secret of Prana and manipulate it. You can hardly make any spiritual progress without the practice of pranayama. One who has grasped this prana has grasped the very core of cosmic life and activity. Through various exercises and training in pranayama the yogi tries to realize in this little body the whole of cosmic life, and attain perfection.

Breath is a physical aspect or external manifestation of prana, the vital force, and thus pranayama begins with the regulation of the breath. Breath, like electricity, is gross prana, while prana itself is subtle. By controlling the breath you can control the prana – just as you can control the other wheels by controlling or stopping the fly wheel of a diesel engine, and just as you can control the hairspring, cog wheels and the main spring of a watch by controlling the minute hand. Control of breath is achieved through manipulation of the lungs and the breathing process.


There is shakti in every word. If someone suddenly shouts “Snake! Snake!” you at once jump in fright. If someone calls you a donkey, you are annoyed and show anger. If you think of hot samosas and chutney, you will start to salivate. When such is the power of the names of the ordinary things of the world, what tremendous power there should be in the names of God.

Repeating a mantra is known as japa. Japa is an important part of yoga. It is spiritual food for the hungry soul. It is a rod in the hands of the blind. In Kali yuga, japa is the easiest, quickest, safest and surest way to reach God and attain immortality and perennial joy. Japa purifies the heart and steadies the mind. It scorches samskaras and induces vairagya, or non-attachment. Japa roots out desires and makes one fearless. It removes delusion and gives supreme peace. Japa gives health, wealth, strength and long life. It gives an exhilarating, refreshing bath and washes wonderfully the subtle body or astral body.

It is best to get your mantra from your guru. This has a tremendous effect on the disciple. The guru imparts his shakti along with the mantra. The power hidden in the mantra is easily awakened. Keep your guru mantra a secret and never disclose it to anyone.


MEDITATION: Meditation is a constant  remembrance of the object we meditate upon. It is described as like ” an unbroken stream of oil poured from one vessel to another ” When we attain to this kind of remembrance in relation to the Supreme Being, then all the bonds of the of the heart break and it becomes illumined by the presence of the Self. Through meditation we feel the nearness to Divinity

TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION: Transcendental meditation is a simple, natural technique. This form of meditation allows your body to settle into a state of profound rest and relaxation and your mind to achieve  a state of inner peace, without needing to use concentration or effort. A special way or skill is required for this.

There several types of Meditations which we shall discuss when you progress this subject. It is also advised to practice some of the Hatha yoga Kriyas to build  a dynamic body


1. What is Concentration:?

To keep your mind to one subject is Concentration.

2.  What is Yoga ?

Yoga Chita Virthi Nirothada

Yoga is restraining mind stuff (Chitha) from taking forms ( Virthis )

What are the Yoga  for mind restraining

1.Japa yoga

2.Dhyana yoga

3.Tapo yoga

4. Karma yoga

5.Hatha yoga or Hatha Vidya

6. Raja yoga

From the above Raja yoga can be practiced by all Devotees  which is non- dangerous  and gives eternal results. Bhagvad-gita describes about the greatness  of Raja yoga which is supreme and give permanent results in all respects. It is also said there that if any one think of Liberty through Raja yoga, he may reach to a supreme spiritual realm without any doubt. No loss for the Yogi in this case. Those who failed to reach a spiritual realm through raja yoga may take birth in is punarjanmah ( incarnation) in the house of good people or in the house of Yogi’s or Saints. Again he will tend to practice Raja yoga during this birth and attain Liberty and reach to the Heaven. It is said in Bhavd-gita  ” NAHI KALYANA HIRTH DURGATHI THATHA GACHADHI”- meaning those who have perfectness in mind and  have  divine thoughts may never get any falls or draw back in their lives.


Lord Krishna says – Sidhasan mama summathum – means – Lord agrees any stature which suits the sadhak – no hard and fast rule for this- it means.

Benefits and advantage of this practice:

The first results of Yoga are lightness, healthiness, steadiness, good complexion , a sweet order , glow on the face, forming good character, courage,motivation to live with ethics, relief from all diseases , and life longevity.

” As a metal disc (mirror) tarnished by dust shines bright again after it has been cleaned so is the one incarnate person satisfied and free from grief after he has seen the real nature of the self” (Svetasvatara- Upanishad)

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You are at liberty to ask any doubts on inquiries on any of the above subject.

Necessary  Videos on important Yoga Asana ( poses )and Pranayama ( Breathing exercise), Mantra chanting will be sent along with your class program.

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