Sree Chakra

Sree Chakra is a geometric representation of the Cosmic PURUSHA. It is a symbol of the union of Siva and Sakthi, the Male and Female Energy of the Universe. The Spiritual Energy within the human body is known as Kundalini Power and the Universal Energy is known as Raja Rajeswari or Tripura Sundari (The most beautiful woman of the three worlds). It is a power of Lord Param Siva, speaking in mythology. Hence Lord Siva is known as ARDHANARISWAR ( half Man and half Woman). Actually this is the real nature of this great Universe. Sree Chakra is known as a symbol of the union of Jeevatma (Soul) and Paramatma (Super Soul). It is a Chakra(wheel) rotating clockwise and anti clockwise. It is a totality of the union of all six Chakras (wheels) of the human body which appears in the Ajna Chakra (Forehaed). It is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, wisdom of the Spirit and the Almighty. It is described in my website content: – Raja Yoga theory.

According to my assessment, this being a rotating Energy, that is why, the good times bad times comes to the world and the individuals. It is also a journey of the entire Universe to the eternity in the philosophical point of view. As per Upanishads, the Prana, the Life force enters in the body through the feet and the Atman the Soul enters in the body through the top of the head known as Crown Chakra or Sahasrara during birth in the Womb. Although Atman and Prana are the same Energy (Prana is a derivation of Atman, in other words it is known as shadow of the Atman), Atman acts as Master and Prana’s role is as a servant form as per Upanishads. The Super Soul located in the heart of every persons as an Atom as it helps Prana, the life force to travel through out the body in different forms to maintain the body of the person for making him fit and energetic and to maintain life.The different forms of Prana (Life force) are Prana, (the main force) Apana, Udana, Wyana, Samana and other five subsidiaries by name Nagan, Kurman, Krikalan, Devadattan and Dhananjayan. These are known as Upa Pranas .(Subsidiaries) which are theoretically not so important. (All Sankskrit words – cannot be translated). The size of the Atom cannot be measured and founded by any media or Science of any nature as it can be seen only by Enlightened Yogis transcendentally. In fact this great Universe and all Universal manifestations are the developed forms of this divine Atom.

An Enlightened Yogi can see this Sree Chakra through His Ajna (Forehead). This is really the Atma darsan or Godvision and culmination of all Spiritual practices.An Illumined Yogi can also see His Atman or Soul as Divine Light. Actually the real form of our Soul is Sree Chakra when we depart this human body as we are the prototype of this Universe. Hence the Sree Chakra represents the Universe, human and other bodies.